Image: DDC

Engine Company 277 has served the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bushwick for over 100 years. The fire house is located at 582 Knickerbocker Avenue, the site of the original building for the Company built in 1913, though the Company has moved locations several times throughout its history.[1] Engine Company 277 experienced their peak number of runs in 1977 when Bushwick experienced a series of riots and fires that followed a city-wide blackout.[2]

Resilient / Sustainable Design Features

Engine Company 277 is featured in the DDC publication "Sustainable New York".[3]

The structure of the building is fabricated from precast concrete paneling made with recycled content.

Glazing on the upper two floors are covered by a perforated metal screen with allows daylight to enter the interior of the building while reducing heating and cooling costs.


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