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Ocean Breeze Athletic Center. Source: NYC DPR

Recreation Centers are almost always located within public parks. They may contain a vast array of uses including gymnasiums, pools, locker rooms, running tracks, and more. There are 52 recreation centers in New York City and nine of these buildings are located within the five SIRR flood zones.

Special Resilience Considerations

Flood Events
These facilities are varied. Many might contain just a pool and changing areas - good candidates for wet floodproofing. Others contain gymnasiums and would need to use dry floodproofing techniques.

Power Outages
Due to their size they could easily be utilized by the public during an emergency, in which case quick connects, gas generators, water access, and emergency lighting should be employed.

Other Upgrades

In addition to disaster resilience, attention should also be paid to everyday use. For this reason, the use of low- or no-VOC materials, "active design," and on-site water remediation should be considered.